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Frequently Asked Questions
  Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the differences between
the platinum, gold, silver, and bronze inserts ?

They're different coupon inserts that come from different newspapers
in different cities of different states that we're able to obtain. :-)
Think 'good, better, best' in 'bronze' is 'good'
The silver is 'better' than the bronze, the gold is EVEN BETTER and the platinum is the BEST.

(In other words, the 'platinum' will NORMALLY have both MORE coupons overall in any given week,
but ALSO 'normally' more HOT coupons, and SOMETIMES BETTER 'cents off' values.)

This of course, is not 'always' true, but is fairly consistent.

Each week, we provide a DETAILED LIST of the EXACT coupons
in EACH version offered that week.
That way you can 'see' EXACTLY how 'one version compares to the other version', etc..

(There are ALWAYS differences in the coupons from one city
and one NEWSPAPER vs. another - in many cases, from one 'paper to another'
even in the same city that may have multiple newspaper publications
as one paper is willing to pay for a 'more expensive version'
of the coupon insert vs what the 'other paper is willing to pay, etc..)

If you 'click' on the interactive hyperlink for each listing,
or if viewing the 'category/summary page' click on the 'blue button'

That will open the details page will show you a complete list of exactly the coupons in a given insert,
so that you can easily compare line by line by line, per se 'one version to the other to the other,
and determine WHICH ONE is 'best for you specifically' both in pricing
as well as what coupons are in a given version of that week's inserts.
If you use a 'split screen' you can compare them 'side by side by side'.
The 'platinum' version will always have the MOST overall coupons,
and generally more of the most sought after 'hot' coupons in them,
the gold is 'very' comparable most every week, the silver will have less overall coupons

and the bronze will normally have even less coupons than any of the other versions.

HOWEVER, it's possible the 'bronze' version may have the 'single coupon'
YOU are seeking on a given week, and the 'best overall version' may NOT.
So, we try to provide 'choices' each week that best suit YOUR needs. : )

Simply 'scroll down' the webpage(s) to view the 'lists' each and every coupon
in each version arranged in alphabetical order for easy reference. : )

What do you do ? What is a clipping service ?
This is a coupon clipping service.

We do not 'sell' coupons. :-)

We provide the coupons at no charge,
but you have to pay for our time, labor and costs,
which are expressed on the site as a clipping fee.
When you hire any kind of service to perform labor, the parts are separate from the labor.
At, you're only paying for the labor/costs as defined.
We do not make any claims to buy or sell coupons.

The clipping fees listed on our website are for our costs incurred to obtain papers/coupon inserts
as well as our time, effort and labor necessary finding, collecting, sorting, clipping, preparing for shipping,
as well the materials and routine business costs necessary for processing and shipping these coupons
(webmaster, website contract/maintenance, envelopes, mailing labels,
paper, ink, gasoline, mileage, business space, working staff, etc..)
NOT the coupons themselves.

How do I contact you?
  Please click here for our company contact information.