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PG.05.28.001   * SPECIAL NOTICE * - Our Area's inserts (like most everyone in the country) did not get Tide or Gain or Downy coupons in the June P&G
ADVSUNPAPER-05.21.VERSIONA   05-21-17 A Sunday Paper P/U- VERSION A (EACH SET IS 2 INSERTS: (1-RP & 1-SS PER PAPER - DATED 05-21-17)
ADVSUNPAPER-06.11.VERSIONA   06-11-17 A Sunday Paper P/U- VERSION A (EACH SET IS 2 INSERTS: (1-RP & 1-SS PER PAPER - DATED 06-11-17)
ADVSUNPAPER-06.18.VERSIONA   06-18-17 A Sunday Paper P/U- VERSION A (EACH SET IS 2 INSERTS: (1-RP & 1-SS PER PAPER - DATED 06-18-17)
ADVSUNPAPER-06.25.VERSIONA   06-25-17 A Sunday Paper P/U- VERSION A (EACH SET IS 2 INSERTS: (1-RP & 1-SS PER PAPER - DATED 06-25-17)
RP1.02.12.GA.55   ABSORBINE Veterinary Liniment Gel (DND) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 12/31/17)
RP1.06.04.02   ACT ($2-33 OZ +) Product 33oz or larger; any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 08/26/17)
RP1.06.04.01   ACT (NO SIZE REQ.) ACT Product (excluding trial size); any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 08/26/17)
RP1.05.07.02   Adams (FROM 5/7 RP) ANY PRODUCT (excluding Single Pack Collars); any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP1.05.07.01   Adams (FROM 5/7 RP) FLEA & TICK COLLAR for Dogs and Puppies; any ONE $5.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP2.04.30.01   Advil ($1 ORIGINAL) or Advil Migraine (40 ct or larger); Advil PM (20ct or larger) or any ACS/AAS/AACR/ASCP $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/26/17)
RP1.06.04.04   Advil (EITHER/OR-$1) Advil (40ct or larger) or Advil PM (20ct or larger) any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/04/17)
RP1.06.04.05   Advil (MIGRANE PRODUCT); any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 07/04/17)
SS.06.04.03   Air Wick (SCENTED OIL REFILLS) Twin or Triple Refill; any ONE $1.25 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.06.04.01   Air Wick FRESHMATIC ULTRA Refill; any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.06.04.02   Air Wick PURE AEROSOL; any – 50% OFF (Up to $2.75) (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.04.02.01   AIRBORNE Product; any One $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.06.04.04   AIRHEADS Products (3.8 oz or larger); any TWO (DND) $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS.04.23.01   ALAWAY (EYE DROPS) Alaway Antihistamine Eye Drops; any $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS.06.18.01   Alberto VO5 (LARGE ON ONE) shampoo & conditioner; (33 oz large size only) (DND) $0.50/1 (EXPIRES 07/16/17)
SS.06.18.02   Alberto VO5 (SMALLER ON TWO) shampoo and conditioner (11-12.5 oz. sizes only) (DND) $0.50/2 (EXPIRES 07/16/17)
SS.05.21.01   ALBERTO VO5 - 33 oz shampoo; 33 oz conditioner; hot oil or hairdressing; any ONE (DND) $0.50 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.06.11.02   Aleve ($2 OFFER-40CT+) or Aleve PM (40 ct or larger) (excludes Aleve D products) $2.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/09/17)
SS.06.11.01   Aleve (GEL PADS) Direct Therapy Refill Gel pads $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
RP2.06.04.01   All ($1.50) FRESH CLEAN ESSENTIALS (excluding trial size); any ONE $1.50 (EXPIRES 07/22/17)
RP2.06.04.02   ALL OR SNUGGLE ($2/2 OFFER) All or Snuggle Products (excluding trial size); any TWO $2.00 (EXPIRES 07/22/17)
RP2.06.04.03   ALLEGRA ALLERGY 24HR 24ct or larger; Allegra D Allergy & Congestion or Allegra Childrens Allergy 8oz or 24ct; any ONE $5.00 (EXPIRES 07/01/17)
SS.06.04.07   Amope ($3 INSERTS) GelActiv Inserts; any ONE $3.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.06.04.08   Amope ($5 INSOLES) GelActiv Insoles; any ONE $5.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
RP1.06.04.07   Angel Soft ($0.45 ANY) Bathroom Tissue Rolls; any ONE $0.45 (EXPIRES 07/04/17)
RP1.06.04.08   Angel Soft ($1 MEGA VARIETY) Bathroom Tissue Rolls (6 Roll or larger) $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/04/17)
SS.03.26.NOTYET.39   ARBYS CURLY FRIES $0.55/1 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
SS2.05.07.01   Arm & Hammer (ANY LITTER) Cat Litter; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/16/17)
SS2.05.07.06   Arm & Hammer SLIDE ONLY Cat Litter; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/16/17)
SS.05.21.02   Arnold (BUNS-SS 5/21) Arnold Buns; any (DND) $0.55 (EXPIRES 08/21/17)
SS.04.23.02   Arnold ANY BREAD Products; any $0.55/1 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
SS.03.05.08   ARNOLD BREAD (16 OZ. SIZE ONLY) (DND) $0.55/1 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.06.11.04   ARNOLD BREAD (FROM 6/11 SS) any products (DND) $0.55/1 (EXPIRES 09/11/17)
SS.04.23.03   Arnold SANDWICH THINS ROLLS Products $0.55/1 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
RP2.06.04.04   ARRID (FROM 6/4 RP2) or Arm & Hammer UltraMax Antiperspirant or Deodorant (excluding trial size; Roll-Ons and Twin Packs); any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/08/17)
SS.05.21.03   AURO PRODUCT; any ONE $0.75 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP.06.11.02   Axe (FRAGRANCE) Daily Fragrance product (excludes trial/travel sizes) $1.50/1 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
RP.06.11.01   Axe BODY WASH OR DETAILER product (excludes trial/travel sizes) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
RP.06.11.03   Axe DEODORANT STICK; Antiperspirant Stick or Dry Spray Antiperspirant product (excludes trial/travel sizes) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
RP.06.11.04   Axe SHAMPOO or Conditioner product (excludes trial/travel sizes) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/08/17)
RP1.06.04.11   AZO BLADDER CONTROL or Bladder Control & Weight Management; any ONE $5.00 (EXPIRES 09/04/17)
SS.06.04.11   BABYGANICS (PUBLIX-NOT MFG) Baby Products Bottle 3oz to 20oz or Hand Sanitizer Bottle 50ml or Baby Wipes Assorted Varieties Package 100ct or 400ct; any TWO (PUBLIX STORE COUPON-NOT MFG) $3.00 (EXPIRES 06/28/17)
RP2.04.30.04   BACK2BLONDE Product $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS.05.14.02   BAI BLACK or Bubbles; (11.5 oz size) $0.50/1 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS.06.11.05   Ball (GLASS JARS) or Kerr glass jars; any One case (DND) $2.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS.06.11.06   Ball REALFRUIT PECTIN (any variety) (DND) $2.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS.06.04.12   Ban ROLL-ON Antiperspirant Deodorant (excluding trial size); any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.06.04.13   Ban SOLID Antiperspirant Deodorant; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
RP.05.21.04   Banana Boat ($4/2 VERSION) Sun Care Product (excluding 1oz; 1.8oz; 2oz; Lip Balm and trial size); any TWO $4.00 (EXPIRES 07/01/17)
RP.05.21.03   Banana Boat (BB-$1/1 VERSION) Sun Care Product (excluding 1oz; 1.8oz; 2oz; Lip Balm and trial size); any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/01/17)
RP.06.11.05   Bar S ($0.55/2 OFFER) franks; bologna; lunchmeat (any size/flavor/combo) (DND) $0.55/2 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
RP.06.11.06   Bar S ($0.75/1 OFFER) sausage; hot links; or bacon (any size/flavor) (DND) $0.75/1 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
RP1.06.04.13   Barbasol (RAZORS ONLY) Ultra 3 (4ct pkg) or Ultra 6 Plus Razor (3ct pkg) any ONE pkg. (excludes Pivot Twin) $2.00 (EXPIRES 07/08/17)
RP1.06.04.12   Barbasol SHAVING CREAM 10oz; any ONE $0.50 (EXPIRES 07/08/17)
RP.06.18.01   Barilla (READY POUCH) Ready Pasta pouch $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 08/13/17)
RP2.04.30.07   Barilla PRONTO PASTA $0.55/1 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
SS.04.30.11   Bausch + Lomb OCUVITE PRODUCT; any $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.05.21.07   BC Powder ($1 LATER EXP) BC Product 18ct or higher; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP1.06.04.14   BENADRYL Product; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
RP2.04.30.08   BETADINE First Aid Spray; Betadine First Aid Solution; or Betadine First Aid Skin Cleanser $2.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP.06.18.02   BETADINE First Aid spray; First Aid solution or First Aid skin cleanser $2.00/1 (EXPIRES 09/30/17)
SS.06.11.07   BETTY CROCKER FRUIT SHAPES; fruit by the foot; Gushers or roll ups; snacks; Motts fruit snacks; Sunkist fruit snacks; Fiber One fruit snacks; any TWO $0.50 (EXPIRES 08/05/17)
SS.06.04.14   Betty Crocker SUDDENLY SALAD; any TWO $0.50 (EXPIRES 07/29/17)
SS.06.04.15   BIC DISPOSABLE Razor Pack (excluding trial size); any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.06.11.08   BIC STATIONERY products any TWO (DND) $1.50/2 (EXPIRES 07/08/17)
SS1.05.07.06   Biotrue ($2 SINGLE) 10oz; Renu Fresh 12oz; Renu Sensitive 12oz or Boston Product (any size); any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 07/07/17)
SS1.05.07.07   Biotrue ($5 TWIN PACK) 2x10oz or Renu Fresh Twin Pack (2x12oz) $5.00 (EXPIRES 07/07/17)
SS2.05.07.15   Birds Eye SIGNATURE SKILLETS Frozen Skillet Meal 21oz; any ONE $1.50 (EXPIRES 07/07/17)
SS2.05.07.16   Birds Eye VOILA! VARIETY; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/07/17)
SS.06.18.06   Blink (TEARS/GELTEARS) Blink Tears or Tears Preservative Free or GelTears lubricating eye drops or Blink n Clean lens drops or Blink Contacts lubricating eye drops $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/24/17)
SS.06.18.03   Blink LID WIPES $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/24/17)
SS.06.18.04   Blink Revitalens ($3 SMALLER M.P.) multipurpose disinfecting solution (10 oz) OR Complete multipurpose solution (12 oz or larger) $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/24/17)
SS.06.18.05   Blink Revitalens ($5 LARGER M.P.) multipurpose disinfecting solution (20 oz) OR Complete Multipurpose solution (24 oz) $5.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/24/17)
SS.06.18.08   Blue Bunny (BB-FROZEN NOVELTY) carton (excludes Blue Ribbon Classics products) $0.50/1 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
SS.06.18.07   Blue Bunny (BB-ICE CREAM); 46/48 oz carton any One $0.50/1 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
SS.06.11.09   Blue Diamond (BD-$0.75 OFFER) Nut Thins crackers 4.25 oz. box $0.75/1 (EXPIRES 08/13/17)
SS.06.11.10   Blue Diamond (BD-$1.50 OFFER) - Any One 6 ct box of 90 calorie packs Nut Thins crackers $1.50 (EXPIRES 08/13/17)
SS.04.23.06   Blue Diamond (ONE HALF GALLON) Almond Breeze; 64 oz shelf stable $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
SS.04.23.05   Blue Diamond (TWO QUARTS) Almond Breeze; 32 oz or larger shelf stable $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
SS.05.14.03   Blue Diamond Almonds (CANS/SMALLER BAGS) 5 oz bags or 6 oz cans $1.50/2 (EXPIRES 07/22/17)
SS.05.14.04   Blue Diamonds ($1 LARGER BAGS) Almonds; 12 oz or larger Bag $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/22/17)
RP1.06.04.15   BLUE LIZARD (SUNSCREEN) Australian Sunscreen Sensitive; Sport; Face; Baby or Regular Product 3oz to 5oz; any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 07/15/17)
SS.06.04.16   BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise (12 oz. or larger) any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS2.05.07.17   BOOST NUTRITIONAL Drink or Drink Mix; Any ONE (1) Canister or Multipack $1.50 (EXPIRES 07/09/17)
SS.06.18.09   BORDEN CHEESE product any (DND) $0.50/1 (EXPIRES 08/31/17)
SS.06.18.10   BORN SWEET ZING Stevia Sweetener Product $1.50/1 (EXPIRES 07/29/17)
RP.05.21.06   Brillo ($0.25) SOAP PADS 10ct or 18ct; any ONE pkg. (DND) $0.25 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
RP.05.21.05   Brillo ($0.50/2) ESTRACELL SPONGES and/or Brillo Erase & Wipe; any TWO (DND) $0.50 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
RP1.05.14.04   BRYAN PRODUCTS; any TWO pkgs. (DND) $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
RP1.06.04.16   BRYAN PRODUCTS; any TWO pkgs. (DND) $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
SS.06.18.11   BUCA DI BEPPO - Strip of 3 coupon offers - RESTAURANT COUPONS (EXPIRES 08/13/17)
SS.06.04.17   Bumble Bee SEASONED TUNA POUCHES (2.5 oz size); any TWO $0.75 (EXPIRES 07/15/17)
SS.05.14.06   BUSHS BEANS - Variety Beans; Organic Beans; or Hummus Made Easy (excludes baked beans; grillin beans; cocina latino; organic baked beans; limited edition beans; chili beans and chili magic) $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 07/09/17)
SS.05.21.11   Butterball (BURGERS) Frozen Turkey Burgers Package; any (DND) $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/16/17)
SS.05.21.12   Butterball GROUND TURKEY Package; any (DND) $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/16/17)
SS.04.02.NOTYET.83   Carbona ($0.75) SUPER WHITE 20ct or Color Grabber 30 ct $0.75/1 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.04.02.NOTYET.82   Carbona ($1) STAIN DEVILS; any $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP.06.11.07   CARESS BODY WASH (12 oz. or larger) or Caress Beauty Bar (6 pack or larger) product (excludes trial/travel sizes) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
SS.04.30.18   CARNATION BREAKFAST Essentials Nutritional Product (excludes 8 oz single serve bottles) $2.00/2 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.06.11.11   CARRABBAS - Strip of 3 coupon offers - RESTAURANT COUPONS (EXPIRES 08/06/17)
SS2.05.07.20   Carvel ($4 LARGER CAKES) Ice Cream Cake 75oz or larger; any ONE $4.00 (EXPIRES 07/07/17)
SS2.05.07.21   Carvel; ($3) OREO OR HELLO KITTY Ice Cream Cake 46oz or larger; any ONE $3.00 (EXPIRES 07/07/17)
RP2.04.30.11   Centrum/Caltrate ($1 EITHER/OR) (40 ct or larger) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/26/17)
SS1.05.07.11   CeraVe CREAM OR LOTION or Cleanser (excluding Hydrocortisone and Cleanser Bar); any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 07/29/17)
SS1.05.07.12   CeraVe HEALING OINTMENT (excluding 0.35oz Single Ointment); any ONE $4.00 (EXPIRES 07/29/17)
SS1.05.07.13   CeraVe ITCH RELIEF Moisturizing Cream or Lotion; any ONE $4.00 (EXPIRES 07/29/17)
SS1.05.07.14   CeraVe SUNSCREEN Product; any ONE $4.00 (EXPIRES 07/29/17)
RP1.05.14.05   CESAR SINGLE TRAYS; any TEN (10) $2.00 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
SS.04.30.20   Cetaphil ($2) ANY PRODUCT (excludes trial or travel sizes and single bars) $2.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
SS.04.30.19   Cetaphil ($3 FACIAL CARE) Product (excludes makeup removing wipes) $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
RP2.04.30.13   CHAPSTICK Total Hydration or ChapStick 100% Natural Lip Butter $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/26/17)
SS.03.26.NOTYET.40   CHECKERS RALLYS Crispy French Fried Seasoned Potatoes; any $0.55/1 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
SS.06.04.18   CHEERIOS ($1/2) All Flavors; any TWO Boxes $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/15/17)
SS.06.04.19   CHEX MIX OR MUDDY BUDDIES or Popped or Bugles Corn Snacks or Gardettos Snack Mix 3.7oz or larger; any TWO $0.50 (EXPIRES 07/29/17)
SS.06.04.20   CHUCK E CHEESE - Strip of 6 coupon offers - RESTAURANT COUPONS (EXPIRES 08/27/17)
SS.04.09.11B   CHUCK E CHEESE - Strip of 6 coupon offers - RESTAURANT COUPONS (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS2.05.07.23   CLEAN & CLEAR Product (excluding trial size and Clearance Products); any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
RP1.06.04.17B   CLEAR CARE PLUS OR Clear Care Rinse & Go Solution (12 oz or larger); any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 07/01/17)
SS.05.21.14   CLEAR EYES Eye Drops 0.3oz or larger; any ONE $0.50 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.06.04.21   Clorox ($0.35) LIQUID BLEACH Bottle (116-121 oz size) (mfg. coupon - fine print reads 'Exclusively at Dollar General'); any ONE $0.35 (EXPIRES 07/07/17)
SS.06.04.22   Clorox (PUBLIX-WIPES/SPRAY SS 6/4) Disinfecting Wipes Assorted Varieties Canister 70ct or 75ct or Disinfectant Spray Can 19oz or Bathroom Cleaner Bottle 32oz – Buy TWO; Get ONE FREE (PUBLIX STORE COUPON-NOT MFG) B2G1 FREE (EXPIRES 06/28/17)
SS.06.11.14   COLD STONE CREAMERY - Strip of 3 coupon offers - RESTAURANT COUPONS (EXPIRES 07/11/17)
SS.05.21.17   COMET POWDER Cleanser 14oz or larger; any ONE $0.35 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.05.21.19   Compound W ($1 CW ANY ONE) Product; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.05.21.18   Compound W ($2) FREEZE OFF; any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.03.12.11   Cooked Perfect FIRE GRILLED WINGS; Drumsticks; Tenders; Thighs; or Chunks $1.50/1 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.06.18.12   COPPERTONE product (5 oz. or larger) $2.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/16/17)
SS.02.12.11   CORN HUSKERS LOTION; excluding trial sizes $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 12/31/17)
RP2.06.04.06   Cortizone 10 (ANY ITEM) (1 oz or larger) any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 08/06/17)
RP.05.21.11   Cortizone 10 (CRT-$1/1 VERSION) Item 1 oz and larger; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
RP.05.21.12   Cortizone 10 (CRT-$3/2 VERSION) Items 1 oz and larger; any TWO $3.00 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
RP2.06.04.05   Cortizone 10 (FEMININE ITCH) Item (1 oz or larger) any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 08/06/17)
SS.06.11.15   Cottonelle (CLOTHS) Flushable Cleansing Cloths; 42 ct or higher $0.75/1 (EXPIRES 07/22/17)
SS.06.11.16   Cottonelle TOILET PAPER 6 or more rolls $0.75/1 (EXPIRES 07/22/17)
SS.04.23.14   COUNTRY BOB'S Product; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/09/17)
SS.04.30.28   COUNTRY TIME/TANG - Country Time or Tang Drink Mixes $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
RP.06.18.04   Crest ($1) TOOTHPASTE (3 oz or more) OR Liquid Gel (excludes Crest Cavity; Baking Soda; Tartar Control; Kids and trial/travel size) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/01/17)
RP.06.18.03   Crest ($5) 3D GLAMOROUS White; 1 Hour Express; Professional Effects; FlexFit; Gentle Routine; Monthly Whitening Boost OR Whitestrips with Light (excludes trial/travel size) $5.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/01/17)
SS.04.02.12   CRUNCHMASTER Product Purchase $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.04.30.29   CRYSTAL LIGHT Liquid or Powder Drink Mixes $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
RP2.04.30.16   Culturelle DIGESTIVE HEALTH Product $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
RP.03.26.05   CULTURELLE Kids Regularity Product; any ONE $5.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP2.04.30.17   Culturelle PRO-WELL 3-IN-1 Complete Formula $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
RP2.06.04.07   CULTURELLE Pro-Well Immune + Energy; any ONE $5.00 (EXPIRES 09/04/17)
SS.06.18.13   CURAD BANDAGE; gauze or tape product $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS.05.14.15   Curel (ANY TWO) Moisturizers; 13 oz or larger (excludes trial and travel size) $3.00/2 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
SS.05.14.14   Curel HYDRA THERAPY Wet Skin Moisturizer; 8 or 12 oz (excludes trial and travel size) $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
SS.06.18.14   CUTTER (REPELLENT) ITEM any $0.75/1 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
RP.06.18.05   Dark and Lovely AU NATURALE $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/16/17)
RP.06.18.06   Dark and Lovely HAIRCOLOR OR RELAXER $2.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/16/17)
SS.05.21.23   DEBROX Product; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.05.21.25   DenTek ($1.50/2 ANY) Products (priced $1.74 or higher); any TWO $1.50 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.05.21.24   DenTek ($3) MOUTH GUARD; any ONE $3.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP1.06.04.22   Dial ($1/2 OFFER) Foaming Hand Wash; Liquid Hand Soap Refills; Bar Soap 3pk or larger or Advanced Bar Soap 2pk or larger; any TWO $1.00 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
RP1.06.04.21   Dial ($2/2 B/W OR SOAP) Body Wash or Bar Soap 6pk or larger (excluding trial size); any TWO $2.00 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
SS.04.02.16   DIGESTIVE ADVANTAGE Product $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.06.04.26   DINTY MOORE products; any TWO $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS2.05.07.25   Dole CANNED FRUIT; any TWO $0.50 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.05.14.16   Dole DIPPERS; any One box $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 08/06/17)
SS.05.21.26   Dole FRUIT IN GEL Package; any ONE $0.75 (EXPIRES 08/13/17)
SS.05.14.17   Dole JARRED FRUIT $0.50/1 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP.06.11.17   Dove ($0.50 OFFER) Men+Care Hair Care or Styling product (excludes trial/travel sizes) $0.50/1 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
RP.06.18.07   Dove BEAUTY BAR 4 bar pack or larger (excludes trial/travel size and Dove Men+Care) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
RP.06.18.08   Dove BODY WASH 22 oz. or larger or Dove Shower foam 13.5 oz. (excludes trial/travel size and Dove Men+Care) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
RP.06.11.11   Dove CLINICAL PROTECTION or Advanced Care or Dry Spray Antiperspirant Deodorant product (excludes Dove Men+Care; multipacks and trial and travel sizes) $1.50/1 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
RP.06.11.10   Dove/Degree/Axe ($4 MULTI-PRODUCT OFFER) (Save $4 on ONE male and One female variety - wyb both) Dove; Dove Men+ Care; Degree or Axe Dry spray antiperspirant product (excludes trial/travel sizes) $4.00 (EXPIRES 07/09/17)
SS.04.09.28   Downy ($1 SMALLER) Wrinkle Releaser Plus 16.9 oz Size Only (Not valid on any other Downy Products; excludes 3 oz travel size); any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 08/30/17)
SS.04.09.29   Downy ($2 LARGER) Wrinkle Releaser Plus 33.8oz Size Only (Not valid on any other Downy Products; excludes 16.9 oz and 3 oz travel size); any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 08/30/17)
SS.05.21.27   DRAMAMINE Product 8ct or higher (excluding 4ct trial size and 2ct travel pack); any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.06.11.17   DUKES MAYO - Dukes mayonnaise product any (DND) $0.55/1 (EXPIRES 07/09/17)
SS.06.11.18   DULCOLAX or DulcoEase product 25 ct.+ or Dulcolax suppositories 4 ct.+ $2.00 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS.06.04.27   DURACELL COPPERTOP or Quantum 6pk or larger; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/01/17)
SS.05.21.29   Ecotrin ($1 SMALLER) Product 32ct or 45ct; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.05.21.28   Ecotrin ($2 LARGER PKGS) Product 125ct or higher; any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.06.18.15   Edge (SHAVE GEL) or Skintimate shave gel (excludes 2.75 oz) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/09/17)
SS.06.18.16   EDWARDS PIE (22.4 oz. or larger) (DND) $0.50/1 (EXPIRES 07/29/17)
SS.05.21.30   EFFERDENT ($2.50) Product 126ct or higher; any ONE $2.50 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP2.05.07.16   Eggland's Best (ANY) Eggs; any ONE $0.50 (EXPIRES 08/07/17)
RP2.05.07.15   Eggland's Best (CAGE FREE VARIETY) Eggs; any ONE $0.50 (EXPIRES 08/07/17)
RP2.05.07.17   Eggland's Best Hard Cooked & Peeled Eggs OR Cage Free Hard Cooked & Peeled Eggs; any ONE $0.35 (EXPIRES 08/07/17)
RP2.05.07.18   Eggland's Best ORGANIC Eggs; any ONE $0.50 (EXPIRES 08/07/17)
SS.06.04.28   EIGHT O CLOCK Coffee Bag 10oz or larger; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS.06.04.29   ELMERS POURABLE GLUES 4oz or larger; any THREE $1.00 (EXPIRES 09/17/17)
RP2.04.30.23   EMERGEN-C (8 ct or larger) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/26/17)
SS.06.04.30   Enfamil (6 PK BOTTLES-PUBLIX) Enfamil Infant Formula or Enfagrow Milk Drink; Ready to Drink; Assorted Varieties Bottle 8oz 6pk; any THREE (PUBLIX STORE COUPON-NOT MFG) $5.00 (EXPIRES 06/28/17)
SS.06.04.31   Enfamil (CANS-PUBLIX) Enfamil Infant or Infant & Toddlers Assorted Varieties Can 20oz to 24oz or Enfagrow Toddler or Nutramigen Can 19.8oz; any TWO (PUBLIX STORE COUPON-NOT MFG) $5.00 (EXPIRES 06/28/17)
SS.04.30.31   ENSURE MULTIPACK $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
SS.06.04.32   ENSURE MULTIPACK; any ONE $3.00 (EXPIRES 07/30/17)
RP.04.02.24   Estroven MAXIMUM STRENGTH+ENERGY or Weight Management $5.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
RP.04.02.25   Estroven SLEEP COOL or Stress plus Mood & Memory $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.05.14.20   Excedrin ($1.50 LARGER) 200 ct or larger $1.50/1 (EXPIRES 08/06/17)

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