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RP1.05.07.28   Osteo Bi-Flex (ANY 70CT+) or larger; any ONE $5.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP1.05.07.27   Osteo Bi-Flex (EASE ONLY) 28ct or larger; any ONE $5.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.06.18.39   OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE - Strip of 2 coupon offers - RESTAURANT COUPONS (EXPIRES 07/27/17)
SS.05.21.68   Oxy ACNE TREATMENTS (excluding 55 ct. pads); any TWO $3.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.06.11.34   P3 PROTEIN PLATES OR portable protein packs $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 08/19/17)
SS.04.30.44   PACE SALSA or Picante; or Dip (15 oz or larger) $0.55/1 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
SS.06.18.40   PAM COOKING SPRAY; any One $0.30/1 (EXPIRES 08/13/17)
RP.06.18.27   Pantene (ANY TWO) Products (excludes 6.7 oz. and trial/travel size) $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 07/01/17)
RP.06.18.24   Pantene 3 MINUTE MIRACLE Deep Conditioner (excludes trial/travel size) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/01/17)
RP.06.18.25   Pantene EXPERT COLLECTION Products (excludes trial/travel size) $3.00/2 (EXPIRES 07/01/17)
RP.06.18.26   Pantene HAIRSPRAY (excludes trial/travel size) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/01/17)
SS.06.04.59   Paper Mate ($0.75 PENS AND MECHANICAL PENCILS) (2ct or higher) any ONE pkg $0.75 (EXPIRES 09/17/17)
SS.06.04.58   Paper Mate ($1-INKJOY VARIETY) Gel Pen (2ct or higher) any ONE pkg $1.00 (EXPIRES 09/17/17)
RP2.06.04.30   PARODONTAX Product $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/04/17)
SS.06.04.60   PEDIALYTE (PUBLIX-NOT MFG) Oral Electrolyte Solution Assorted Varieties Bottle 33.8oz; any (PUBLIX STORE COUPON-NOT MFG) $1.00 (EXPIRES 06/28/17)
SS.06.11.37   PEOPLE MAGAZINE $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 08/06/17)
SS.06.11.42   Philips Sonicare ($30) FLEXCARE+ or FlexCare Platinum or DiamondCare rechargeable toothbrush $30.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
SS.06.11.38   Philips Sonicare 2 SERIES plaque control; 3 Series gum health or HealthyWhite+ rechargeable toothbrush $10.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
SS.06.11.39   Philips Sonicare AIRFLOSS; Philips Sonicare for Kids or Essence+ rechargeable toothbrush $10.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
SS.06.11.40   Philips Sonicare BRUSH HEADS (excluding PowerUp) $5.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
SS.06.11.41   Philips Sonicare ESSENCE rechargeable toothbrush $5.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
SS.06.04.63   Phillips ($4) COLON HEALTH product; any ONE $4.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.06.04.62   Phillips - ($1) ANY Phillips product; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS2.05.07.46   Pilot ACROBALL Pens 2pk or larger; any ONE $1.25 (EXPIRES 09/30/17)
SS2.05.07.47   Pilot FRIXION Pens 2pk or larger; any ONE $1.25 (EXPIRES 09/30/17)
SS2.05.07.48   Pilot G2 GEL INK Pens 4pk or larger; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 09/30/17)
SS.06.04.61   PLUM ORGANICS (PUBLIX-NOT MFG) Organic Baby Food or Mighty; 2nd; 3rdStage or Tots; Assorted Varieties Pouch 3.5oz to 4oz; any FIVE (PUBLIX STORE COUPON-NOT MFG) $2.00 (EXPIRES 06/28/17)
RP2.06.04.26   POLIDENT Denture Cleanser Tablets 120ct; any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.06.04.65   Pop Secret (LARGER ON ONE) 6 pack or larger; any ONE (DND) $0.75 (EXPIRES 08/27/17)
SS.06.04.64   Pop Secret (SMALLER ON TWO) 3 pack or larger; any TWO (DND) $1.00 (EXPIRES 08/27/17)
SS.06.18.41   POPCHIPS; any One Bag (3 oz or larger) (DND) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 08/18/17)
SS.06.11.43   POST CEREALS (see long list of varieties offered on image) $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
SS.06.11.44   Premier (BARS ON TWO) Protein 30g bars $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 09/10/17)
SS.06.11.45   Premier (SHAKES ON ONE 4PK) Protein shake 4-pack $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 09/10/17)
RP.06.11.25   Preparation H ($1 ANY) product $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 08/05/17)
RP2.04.30.39   PREPARATION H Product $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/26/17)
SS.05.21.69   PRESERVATIVE FREE VARIETY - Clear Eyes Pure Relief Product; any ONE $5.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.06.04.66   PreserVision AREDS 2 FORMULA + Multivitamin; any ONE $4.00 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS.06.04.67   PreserVision; ANY ONE $4.00 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
RP.05.21.30   PRINGLES Full Size Cans (Including Pringles Loud) (146g or larger); any FOUR $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
RP1.05.07.29   Pure Protein ($1 BARS/SHAKE) - Any TWO (2) Bars OR ONE (1) Shake or Bar Multipack $1.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP1.05.07.30   Pure Protein ($3 POWDER) any ONE $3.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP1.06.04.37   Pure Silk ($1-PIVOT TWIN) (10 ct) or Barbasol Pivot Twin Razor (10ct) any ONE pkg. $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/08/17)
RP1.06.04.39   Pure Silk ($2-VARIOUS RAZORS) Three (4ct pkg) or Contour 6 Razor (3ct pkg) any ONE pkg. (excludes Pivot Twin) $2.00 (EXPIRES 07/08/17)
RP1.06.04.38   Pure Silk (SHAVE CREAM-$0.50) 8oz or Twin Pack; any ONE $0.50 (EXPIRES 07/08/17)
RP2.05.14.24B   Purina ($2/12) Bella Wet Dog Food on twelve (12) 3.5 oz trays OR One (1) 12 ct variety pack $2.00 (EXPIRES 07/14/17)
RP2.05.14.24   Purina ($3 DRY ONLY) Bella Dry Dog Food on Any One (1) Bag $3.00 (EXPIRES 07/14/17)
RP2.05.14.25   Purina (B1G1 OFFER) Bella Wet Dog Food 3.5 oz tray - Buy 1 Get 1 Free (up to $0.85) (EXPIRES 07/15/17)
RP.06.18.28   Purina (DRY-BENEFUL) OF Beneful Dry dog food; any size; any variety (excludes Purina Beneful Grain Free) $2.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/18/17)
SS.04.30.48   Purina (FRISKIES DRY CAT) Friskies Brand Dry Cat Food; any variety; 3.15 lb or larger $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/30/17)
RP.06.18.29   Purina (GRAIN FREE ONLY) Beneful Grain Free Dry Dog Food; any size $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/18/17)
RP.06.18.30   Purina (WET BENEFUL-B3G1F) Beneful Wet dog food; buy 3 10 oz. tubs or 3 ct. pkg of 3 oz sleeves and get 1 free up to $2.49 (EXPIRES 07/18/17)
SS.06.04.69   PURINA CAT CHOW (6.3 lb Bag or larger) any ONE $1.50 (EXPIRES 09/30/17)
SS.04.30.50   Purina ONE ($0.75/4 OFFER) SmartBlend Wet Dog Food; any variety cans $0.75/4 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS.05.21.70   PURINA ONE (CAT) - Purina One brand dry cat food 3.5 lb. or larger; any variety; any ONE Bag $1.00 (EXPIRES 08/31/17)
SS.04.30.49   Purina ONE SMARTBLEND VARIETY DRY Dog Food; any size; any variety $2.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS.04.30.51   Purina TIDY CATS Brand LightWeight Cat Litter; any size; any variety $2.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/30/17)
RP2.04.30.44   Purity (ICE CREAM-48OZ) (DND) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
RP2.04.30.45   Purity (NOVELTIES; ANY TWO) (any size) (DND) $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 07/23/17)
SS.04.23.40   Purpose BAR SOAP $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.04.23.41   Purpose CLEANSER OR MOISTURIZER; any $2.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS1.05.07.47   Rachael Ray (B1G1F OFFER) Nutrish Dog Treats Bag – Buy ONE; Get ONE Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Treats Bag 6.3oz or smaller FREE – Up to $4.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS1.05.07.50   Rachael Ray (PEAK VARIETY) Nutrish Peak Dry Dog Food Bag 4lb or larger; any ONE $3.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS1.05.07.48   Rachael Ray (TREATS-$3 LARGER) Nutrish Dog Treats Bag 12oz or larger; any ONE $3.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS1.05.07.51   Rachael Ray (WET-TUBS) Nutrish Wet Dog Food Tubs – Buy THREE; Get ONE FREE – Up to $2.48 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS1.05.07.49   Rachael Ray NUTRISH DRY Dog Food Bag 3lb or larger; any ONE $3.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.05.21.71   RAVE HAIRSPRAY 7 oz. or larger (excluding trial size); any ONE (DND) $0.50 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.06.04.70   RED LOBSTER - Strip of 2 coupon offers - Restaurant Coupons (EXPIRES 07/08/17)
SS.06.18.42   RENEW LIFE 3 Day Cleanse; any One $1.25/1 (EXPIRES 07/18/17)
RP1.05.14.30   Reynolds WRAP FOIL (35 sq ft) (excludes wrappers or reynolds wrap foil sheets) $0.55/1 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
RP.06.18.35   Right Guard (A/P DEOD.) Xtreme Antiperspirant Deodorant (excludes Right Guard Sport) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
RP.06.18.36   Right Guard (DRY SPRAY) Xtreme Precision Dry Spray (excludes Right Guard Sport) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.04.09.76   ROC ANTI-AGING Product (excluding trial size); any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 07/15/17)
SS.05.14.58   Rubbermaid ($1 BEVERAGE) Product $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/09/17)
SS.05.14.59   Rubbermaid ($2 FOOD STORAGE) Container (excluding TakeAlong) $2.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/09/17)
RP1.05.14.29   RUBY TUESDAY - Strip of 3 coupon offers; RESTAURANT COUPONS (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP2.06.04.31   Sally Hansen AIRBRUSH LEGS or Airbrush Sun Product (priced $8.00 or more) (excluding trial size); any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 08/31/17)
RP2.06.04.32   Sally Hansen COMPLETE SALON MANICURE Nail Color (priced $4.00 or more); any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/04/17)
SS.05.21.72   Sargento NATURAL CHEESE SLICES; any TWO pkgs. $1.25 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
SS.06.11.46   Sargento SNACK BITES CHEESE SNACKS; any one pkg. $0.75/1 (EXPIRES 08/05/17)
SS.06.18.43   Sauers GRILLER OR RUB; any ONE (DND) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/16/17)
SS.06.18.44   Sauers MARINADES; any TWO (DND) $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 07/16/17)
SS.06.18.45   Schick (DISPOSABLE) Hydro 5 or Schick Hydro Silk disposable razor pack (excludes 1 ct) $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/09/17)
SS.06.18.49   Schick (MEN) QUATTRO Titanium razor or refill (excludes disposables and Schick Womens razor or refill) $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/09/17)
SS.06.18.46   Schick (REUSEABLE RAZOR/REFILL) Hydro Razor or Refill (excludes disposables and Schick Womens razor or refill) $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/09/17)
SS.06.18.47   Schick (SILK VARIETY ONLY) Hydro Silk razor or refill (excludes disposables and Schick Mens razors and refills) $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/09/17)
SS.06.18.48   Schick (WOMEN) INTUITION or Schick Quattro for Women Razor or Refill (excludes disposables and Schick Mens razors and refills) $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/09/17)
RP.06.11.28   Schwarzkopf ($3 VERSION) Hair Color product (Keratin or Color Ultime) $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
RP.06.11.27   Schwarzkopf (B2G1F OFFER) Hair Color product (Keratin or Color Ultime) buy 2; get 1 free (DND) (up to $11.99) (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.06.11.47   Scott BATH TISSUE; 8 or more rolls $0.75/1 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.06.11.48   Scott NATURALS FLUSHABLES Cleansing Cloths $0.75/1 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.06.04.73   SCRUBBING BUBBLES (FROM 6/4 SS) Bath Products; any TWO $2.00 (EXPIRES 07/01/17)
SS2.05.07.54   Seattles Best GROUND OR WHOLE BEAN Coffee (12oz or 20oz) any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/07/17)
SS2.05.07.55   Seattles Best K-CUP PODS Coffee (10ct; 16ct or 18ct) any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/07/17)
RP1.04.30.34   SELSUN BLUE Product $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 10/30/17)
RP.04.02.51   Seventh Generation COCONUT CARE Baby Personal Care Product (reads one coupon per transaction (DND) $1.00/1 12/31/17)
RP.04.02.52   Seventh Generation DIAPER PACK (reads one coupon per transaction (DND) $2.00/1 12/31/17)
RP.04.02.53   Seventh Generation HAND DISH LIQUID (reads one coupon per transaction (DND) $0.50/1 12/31/17)
RP.04.02.54   Seventh Generation LAUNDRY DETERGENT or Laundry Detergent Packs (reads one coupon per transaction (DND) $1.00/1 12/31/17)
RP.05.21.33   SheaMoisture BAR SOAP; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 08/31/17)
RP.05.21.34   SheaMoisture BATH & BODY Item (excluding Bar Soap; Single Use Packets and trial & travel size); any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 08/31/17)
RP.05.21.35   SheaMoisture HAIR CARE Item (excluding Single Use Packets and trial & travel size); any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 08/31/17)
SS.05.14.66   Sheila Gs ($1/1 VERSION) Brownie Brittle; 5 oz or larger; any ONE (1) bag $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/08/17)
SS.05.14.65   Sheila Gs ($2/2 VERSION) Brownie Brittle; Any TWO (2) Bags 5 oz or larger $2.00/2 (EXPIRES 09/02/17)
RP1.05.14.32   Silk ($0.55) HALF GALLON or larger $0.55/1 (EXPIRES 07/14/17)
RP1.05.14.33   Silk ($1/1 PROTEIN NUTMILK) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/14/17)
RP1.05.14.31   Silk (YOGURT ALTERNATIVE) Dairy Free Yogurt Alternative $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 07/14/17)
SS.06.04.74   SIMILAC (PUBLIX-NOT MFG) Infant Formula Ready to Feed Assorted Varieties Can or Bottle 32oz or Bottle 2oz 8ct; any THREE (PUBLIX STORE COUPON-NOT MFG) $5.00 (EXPIRES 06/28/17)
SS.06.04.75   SIMPLY (NEW PRODUCT) Simply Summers Eve Gentle Foaming Wash or Cleansing Cloths; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/15/17)
SS.04.02.66   SISTER SCHUBERTS Product $0.50/1 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP2.04.09.34   Skittles ($0.50/2 SMALLER) or Skittles Wild Berry; Starburst 4.2oz or less; Juicy Fruit Gum or Starburst Strawberry; any TWO (DND) $0.50 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
RP2.04.09.33   Skittles ($1/2 LARGER) or Skittles Wild Berry; Starburst 4.2oz or larger; Juicy Fruit Gum or Starburst Strawberry Multipack 3pk; any TWO (DND) $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
RP.04.23.25   SLOW MAG Tablets $2.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.04.09.84   SMART BALANCE Product; any ONE $0.75 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS.05.14.67   SMITHFIELD BACON or Anytime Favorites Products; any TWO (2) packages (DND) $1.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP.06.11.29   Smuckers (FRUIT SPREAD) Fruit n Honey fruit spread $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 08/15/17)
SS1.05.07.56   SNAPPLE Products - Tea or Juice Drink Bottles (any flavor; including New Takes 2 to Mango Tea) 16oz bottle; any TWO 6-packs $1.00 (EXPIRES 08/04/17)
RP1.06.04.29   Snickers (ICE CREAM BARS) or Twix; M&Ms; Milky Way; DoveBar or Starbursts Ice Cream Bars Multipack 3ct to 14ct; any (DND) $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/15/17)
SS.04.23.44   SNYDERS OF HANOVER Products; 5 oz or larger (DND) $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.06.18.50   Snyders of Hanover WHOLEY CHEESE ! products (5 oz or larger items) (DND) $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 09/18/17)
SS.06.11.49   Speed Stick/Irish Spring (B1G1 OFFER) Speed Stick Overtime or Irish Spring Antiperspirant/Deodorant - buy one; get one of equal or lesser value free (excludes 1.8 oz. and .5 oz. trial size) (value up to $3.49) (EXPIRES 07/01/17)
SS.04.23.45   SPICE ISLANDS Spices & Seasonings Products $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS.06.18.51   SPRAY N WASH laundry stain remover $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 08/01/17)
SS1.05.07.55   SPRAY N WASH Laundry Stain Remover $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 08/01/17)
RP2.03.12.16   SPRAYWAY Product (15 oz or larger) any ONE (DND) $0.75 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
RP1.06.04.41   Stainmaster ($0.50-SMALLER SIZE) Carpet Pet Stain Remover or High Traffic Cleaner 13oz; any ONE $0.50 (EXPIRES 07/04/17)
RP1.06.04.42   Stainmaster (HIGH TRAFFIC CLEANER) 22oz; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/04/17)
RP1.06.04.40   Stainmaster (LARGER SIZES) Carpet Stain Remover or Pet Stain Remover 22oz or larger; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/04/17)
SS.05.21.77   STICKY FINGERS Barbecue Sauce; any TWO $1.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP.06.11.31   Suave ($0.75 KIDS VARIETY) Hair Care product (excludes trial/travel sizes) $0.75/1 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
RP.06.11.30   Suave ($1/2 B/W) Body Wash products (excludes trial/travel sizes) $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
RP.03.26.15   SUCCESS RICE Product; any ONE $0.50 (EXPIRES 07/17/17)
SS.06.04.76   Summers Eve ($1.50/2 OFFER) External Products; any TWO $1.50 (EXPIRES 07/15/17)
SS2.05.07.56   SUNBELT BAKERY Product (suggested retail $2.69 and higher) any ONE $0.55/1 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP1.05.07.38   SUNDOWN (KIDS) Naturals Kids Gummy Vitamin Item; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
RP.06.11.37   Sundown Naturals ($1 ANY) Vitamin or Supplement any $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
RP.06.11.36   Sundown Naturals ($2) MULTIVITAMIN product any $2.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
RP.06.11.35   Sundown Naturals DIGESTIVE HEALTH Product any $2.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS2.05.07.57   SUNNYD Product (16oz or larger) any ONE $0.40 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.06.11.50   Sunsweet PACIFIC TROPICALS Product; any One (DND) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 08/31/17)
RP2.06.04.33   SUPER POLIGRIP Product (2 oz or larger) any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.05.21.78   SWEDISH FISH or Sour Patch Kids Packages 6.35oz or larger; any TWO $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/01/17)
SS.05.21.79   SWEET BABY RAY'S (BBQ ON FOUR) - Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce; any FOUR $1.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.05.21.80   SWEET BABY RAY'S (WING/MARINADE ON 3) - Sweet Baby Ray's Wing Sauce/Marinade; any TWO $1.50 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.04.30.54   TABASCO Brand Family of Flavors; 5 oz or larger (DND) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.05.21.81   TAGAMET Product 30ct or higher; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.06.04.77   TENA INTIMATES product; any ONE $3.00 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
SS.06.18.52   TERRA CHIPS; Garden of Eatin or Sensible Portions Snack items (5 oz. or larger); any TWO $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 07/16/17)
RP2.04.30.40   THERMACARE Product; (2 ct or larger) or ThermaCare Cold Wrap (1 ct) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/26/17)
SS.04.02.71   Toms of Maine ($1.50) LUMINOUS WHITE TOOTHPASTE Only (excludes trial size) $1.50/1 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.04.02.72   Toms of Maine ($2/2) ANY TWO PRODUCTS (excludes trial size) $2.00/2 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
RP1.06.04.43   TONE PRODUCTS - Body Wash or Bar Soap 6pk or larger (excluding trial size); any TWO $2.00 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
SS.06.18.53   Torani ($1/1 VERSION) Torani Sauce; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 08/31/17)
SS.06.18.54   Torani ($2.50/2 VERSION) Torani Sauces; any TWO $2.50 (EXPIRES 08/31/17)
SS.06.11.53   Totinos ($0.50/2 ROLLS) Pizza rolls or Blasted Crust rolls (any two 17.4 oz. pakcages or larger) $0.50/2 (EXPIRES 08/05/17)
SS.06.11.52   Totinos ($1/4 PARTY PIZZA) Crisp Crust Party Pizza $1.00/4 (EXPIRES 08/05/17)
SS.06.18.55   Tresemme CORE STYLING product (excludes trial/travel sizes) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.06.18.56   Tresemme DRY SHAMPOO (excludes trial/travel sizes) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.04.30.57   TROPICANA ESSENTIALS Probiotics 100% Juice (32oz) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
RP.06.18.38   Tums (ANY TWO) products any 32 ct. or larger $1.50/2 (EXPIRES 07/16/17)
RP.06.18.37   Tums CHEWY BITES product (32 or 60 ct) $1.50/1 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
RP.06.18.39   Turkey Hill (FROM 6/18 RP) Haymakers Drink; 57.6 oz $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
RP1.05.14.37   TURKEY HILL (ICE CREAM) (FROM RP 5/14) All Natural Ice Cream; 48 oz $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/15/17)
RP.05.21.38   Turkey Hill (RP 5/21 VERSION) Haymakers Drink 57.6oz; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
SS.06.18.57   U by Kotex ($2) FITNESS Products ( not valid on liners 14/22 ct or trial size) $2.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/22/17)
SS.06.18.58   U by Kotex PADS OR LINERS (not valid on liners 14/22 ct or trial size/travel packs) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/22/17)
SS.06.18.59   U by Kotex TAMPONS or Security tampons (not valid on trial/travel size) $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/22/17)
SS.06.18.60   ULTIMATE FLORA Probiotic (30ct or larger) any ONE $3.00 (EXPIRES 07/18/17)
RP1.05.14.38   UNCLE BENS Flavor Infusions Rice Product $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/09/17)
SS.05.21.86   URISTAT Product; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
USPS-Stella   USPS Winter Storm Stella
RP.06.18.40   VENUS RAZOR or Venus/Daisy disposable razors (2 ct or larger; excludes Daisy 2 ct and trial/travel size) $3.00 (EXPIRES 07/01/17)
SS.05.21.87   Vita Bone ARTISAN INSPIRED Bag; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/16/17)
SS.05.21.88   Vita Bone BISCUITS Box; any ONE $0.75 (EXPIRES 07/16/17)
SS.05.21.89   VITRON-C Product; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.05.14.72   VIVA TOWELS - Viva Vantage Paper Towels or Viva Paper Towels; One (1) 6 pack or larger $0.50 (EXPIRES 06/25/17)
SS.05.14.73   VLASIC PICKLES; Peppers; or Relish $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 07/15/17)
SS.06.18.61   VLASIC PICKLES; Peppers; or Relish $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 08/19/17)
SS.06.11.55   WEBER SEASONING products any (DND) $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 09/15/17)
SS2.05.07.60   WEBER SEASONING Products; any TWO (DND) $1.00 (EXPIRES 08/15/17)
SS.06.04.78   WELCHS FRUIT ROLLS; Fruit Snacks or Fruit n Yogurt Snacks Bag 8oz or Box 6ct or larger; any TWO $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/14/17)
SS.06.04.79   WERTHERS (SUGAR FREE) Werthers Original Sugar Free Caramels (2.35oz or larger); any TWO (DND) $1.00 (EXPIRES 08/31/17)
SS.04.30.58   WERTHERS ORIGINAL Caramels; any two (2) Bags $1.00 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.04.23.54   WET NAP Product $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.04.30.59   Wet One ($1/2 VERSION) Products (excludes 15 ct and 20 ct travel packs) $1.00/2 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.04.30.60   Wet Ones ($0.75/1 VERSION) Product (excludes 15 ct or 20 ct travel packs) $0.75/1 (EXPIRES 06/30/17)
SS.06.11.59   WET-NAP (FROM 6/11 SS) any product $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 08/31/17)
SS1.05.07.59   White Castle ($0.55 SMALLER) Microwavable Hamburgers; Cheeseburgers; Jalapeno Cheeseburgers; Chicken Breast Sandwiches or Breakfast Sliders Package 4ct to 6ct; any ONE $0.55 (EXPIRES 07/10/17)
SS1.05.07.58   White Castle ($1 LARGER) Microwavable Hamburgers or Cheeseburgers Package 16ct; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/10/17)
RP2.06.04.34   WHOLE BLENDS Shampoo; Conditioner or Treatment; any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 07/01/17)
RP.05.21.39   WHOLE EARTH SWEETENER Co. Product; any ONE $2.00 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)
RP2.05.14.39   Whole Fruit ORGANIC JUICE TUBES $1.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/15/17)
SS.05.21.94   Wonderful ($0.50 SMALLER) Pistachios No Shells Product 6oz to 7oz; any ONE $0.50 (EXPIRES 07/21/17)
SS.05.21.93   Wonderful ($1 LARGER) Pistachios No Shells Product 12oz or larger; any ONE $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/21/17)
SS.06.18.62   Wylers Light (TO GO DRINK MIXES) or Hawaiian Punch; Diet Snapple; Crush; Jolly Rancher or Welchs singles to go drink mixes (DND) $1.00/4 (EXPIRES 08/19/17)
RP.04.02.70   Xenadrine Ultimate Weight Loss; any One (with retail value of $15.99 or more) Save $4.00 (EXPIRES 07/07/17)
SS.05.21.95   YARDLEY - Any One (1) Honey Lemon Scrub Massage Bar or Any One (1) Body Wash 16oz; OR any FOUR (4) Yardley Bar Soaps Singles or Multi-Packs $1.00 (EXPIRES 07/02/17)
SS.05.14.75   Yoplait ($0.50/5 OFFER) Yogurt (includes original; light; light thick & creamy; think & creamy; whips! or lactose free) $0.50/5 (EXPIRES 07/08/17)
SS.05.14.74   Yoplait ($0.75 ON TWO) Go-Gurt Yogurt; Yoplait Kids Cup Yogurt; or Yoplait Trix Yogurt $0.75/2 (EXPIRES 07/08/17)
SS.06.11.60   ZANTAC or Duo Fusion product 20 ct.+ $3.00/1 (EXPIRES 07/31/17)

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